Nachrücker – #04 Candy-Fahrer: R. Drew Z.

Dear Candy,
I guess you want to know, why I want to ride the Candy B. The short answer is, adventure. The long one is as follows: As a U.S. citizen, this route interests me historically and the idea of riding where my forefathers once flew is intriguing on many levels (not on a USA USA USA! kinda level). I am personally not into the racing mentality, and the Candy B seems like the perfect way to combine, riding, fun and community just the way I like it. The premise of helping others is clear throughout Candy B’s philosophy and I find this very inspiring. While I have been on a few overnight / weekend trips, this will be the first ride of its kind that I have undertaken. I am excited to have the chance and ready to get adventuring!
Yours truly,


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