A big thank you!

“Dear Mr Fehlau,
In the last few days we have received several donations with the reference “Candybgraveller”. We did some research and stumbled across your website. What an amazing idea and campaign!!! Firstly thank you for starting this! Thank you that you have chosen the airlift as a theme and especially thanks for the idea of transporting the Care-packets and that you have combined this with donations to Care, the Luftbrücken-Chapter E.V. and other named organisations. We are incredibly pleased about this!
Did you know that the 96yr old Gail S. Halvorsen came to Berlin on 24th November 2016 for the 70th anniversary of the CARE-paket event? (information and a Youtube link can be found here).
The Luftbrückenchapter e.V. had accompanied us to this event as often had happened before, and together we remain a well established airflift-cooperation. I’ve looked intensively at your website and am very, very impressed.
Christina Ihle
CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

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