Candy B. Graveller

640 km, approx. 7.000 m of vertical elevation gain
When: 12.04.2018,
Start: Frankfurt Airport, Airlift Memorial
Finish: Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Airlift Memorial
One stage, self-supported, no stopwatch.


The Candy B. Graveller (“CBG”) is a self-supported (see code of ethics) Bikepacking adventure that follows one of the flight corridors that were used during the Berlin airlift. Starting at the Airlift Memorial (“Luftbrückendenkmal”) in Frankfurt the route runs through Darmstadt, Aschaffenburg and Fulda and finishes at the corresponding Airlift Memorial in Berlin. The original flight corridor was 20 miles wide and serves as a basis for the scouts for planning the CBG´s exact route. It will be around 550-600km in length and follows what is now sort of an ‘off-road cycling runway’. The Candy B. Graveller takes its name from the famous “Candy Bombers”.  

US-Pilot Gail S.Halvorsen (born 10/10/1920), who, during the Berlin airlift, famously parachuted small parcels of sweets to cheering children during his descents to Berlin. Not only did his actions eased the hunger of young Berliners, but epitomised the protest against the embargo and acted as a symbol of solidarity in post-war Germany. The Berlin airlift overcame countries borders and language barriers, turned former enemies into friends and demonstrated a sense of humanity only a few years after the world war II.
The naming of the CBG is done in respectful tribute to pilots like Gail S. Halvorsen and the 72 people who lost their lives in the course of the Berlin airlift and the thousands of ‘nameless’ helpers such as Gisela Raineri

The CBG is neither a race nor an event but simply a meeting of people with the collective purpose of starting the ride at the same time. Accordingly, we won’t impose a starting fee, won´t offer a prize and won´t compile a results list. The starter field for 2018 is limited to 70 riders.

Anyone who ‘completed’ the following list:

  • Written a few lines (at least 70 words) explaining why you want to take part in the Candy B. Graveller and sent these to us along with a photo of yourself and the proof of the previously made donation.

Being listed on the CBG website as ‘CBG rider 2018’ serves as the confirmation that you are a registered participant.

  • Approximately three weeks before the start of the CBG all registered riders will receive the GPS track and a shopping list for small ‘care-package’ that they are asked to carry throughout and ‘deliver’ to a charitable organisation in Berlin.
  • For your personal safety and others entertainment value, GPS tracking is mandatory for all registered participants. It´s currently under clarification if this will be a SPOT-tracker or realized via the rider´s smartphone.

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CBG Reports:

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CBG Photos:

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