The Candy B. Graveller can only be a success because of the many volunteers offering to help out!
Significant progress has already been made, but there are still lots of outstanding tasks to be completed.
If you would like to offer your assistance, then please get in contact by email!
We’ve got small tasks, larger projects and continuous jobs that need your support.

Here is a (certainly incomplete) list:
·  German to English translations of the website and Newsletters (ongoing).  … all most done hi, hi, hi! 
·  Internet research of the route (Petrol stations, supermarkets, bike shops etc along the route).
·  Test ride of the route section ‘Fulda to Bad Langensalsa’.
·  Photos: We are still missing photos of the route.
·  Do you have any others ideas to help support the Candy B. Graveller? What can you offer to  promote and develop the CBG? Send us an email!