The Candy B. Graveller is fully self-supported and all riders are expected to follow the ‘code of ethics’. We are avoiding the use of the word ‘rules’ here as the CBG isn’t a formal race and more like an informal bicycle tour.

The Candy B. Graveller code of ethics: 

  • As always, everybody is responsible for themselves. Helmets and adequate health- and accident insurances are strongly recommended.
  • Abide by the laws and regulations during the CGB, even on forest trails.
  • Leave no trace (only your tire marks).

The CBG is a self-supported ride: 

  • All forward travel must be human powered (no motors, no sails, no slipstreaming).
  • Follow the GPS track exactly, anybody who leaves the track should resume at the exact point where it was left.
  • All equipment required during the ride must either be carried by the participant or purchased en-route.
  • The CBG is a solo ride: no riding in teams and no sharing of equipment. It is, however, permissible to form groups during the ride.
  • No helpers, no support vehicles and no ‘preplanned’ arrangements (f.e. prebooked hotels). Sole exception: it is permissible to send yourself self-addressed parcels to post offices along the CBG route.
  • The principle: “only commercial services in commercial areas” applies.
  • Private help and support in the form of ‘Trail-Magic’ is warmly welcomed, as long as it is done spontaneously and is accessible to all participants. This fits perfectly with the ‘code of ethics’. Having friends and acquaintances along the route would be seen as taboo in case that they are not equally accessible to all participants.
  • There is no official time measurement.
  • New for 2018:
    • The CBG is not a not-stop-ride. For every day between the start at Frankfurt airlift memorial and the ending at Berlin airlift memorial applies: Between 9PM and 9AM of the following day every registered rider has to take a break for at least 5hours. The GPS tracking device has to show this break clearly as a 5 hours lasting break. This rule applies without exception, even if you will be forced f.e. to take the 5 hours break being only 1km away from the finish.
    • GPS tracking is mandatory for all registered riders.
  • The completed CBG care-package (see basics) has to be carried by participants during the entire ride.
  • Last but not least: be aware, be fair, be fast, be alert and have fun!