The Candy B. Graveller has not come out of nowhere and has other associations. To keep things transparent we have devised the ‘Lobbymeter’ which was developed at cycling culture magazine fahrstil*.

In their first issue titled “handmade”, the Lobbymeter is explained as follows:

“If necessary you will find a shot glasses at the end of an article – sometimes filled, sometimes empty. The reason behind that is that many of fahrstil’s contributors appear elsewhere in the world of cycling as well. That results in a lot of knowledge, a ton of experience, even friendships but also dependance. Sometimes all at the the same and hard to diversify. On that account our so-called “Lobbymetre” takes a peek at the evolution and backgrounds of the story. This may be irrelevant for understanding, but good for transparency. One shot is easy, but if you drink five of them, things can get a bit blurry …”

We at Candy B. Graveller use the Lobbymetre whenever we think that this transparency would be a good contribution. However, this does not happen retroactively, so anyone rummaging about in old entries shouldn’t be worried to find this missing.

PS: The Lobbymetre glasses were designed by echtweiss, who also work with fahrstil. I am pleased to have their permission to use the image on this site. Thanks for that!

*To start with the transparency: I am one of the initiators of the magazine, I am the publisher and I invented the concept of the Lobbymeter to maintain a distinction from my main job as CEO of pressedienst-fahrrad.de.