The Candy B Graveller is a self-supported (see Code) Bikepacking adventure that follows one of the flight corridors that were used during the Berlin airlift. Starting at the Luftbrückendenkmal in Frankfurt the route runs through Ashaffenburg, Darmstadt and Fulda and finishes at the Luftbrückendenkmal in Berlin. The original flight corridor was 20 miles wide and provides us with the framework for the planned route of the CBG. The route will be around 550-600km in length and follows what is now a sort of ‘off-road cycling runway’.  The Candy B. Graveller takes it name from the famous US-Pilot Gail S.Halvorsen (born 10.10.1920), who, during the Berlin airlift, famously parachuted small parcels of sweets to cheering children during his descents into Berlin. This earned him the nickname, ‘The Candy Bomber’.  Not only did his actions supress the hunger of young Berliners, but epitomised the protest against the blockade and acted as a symbol of post war solidarity from West Berlin toward a united Germany. The airlift transcended countries and language barriers, turned formed enemies into friends and demonstrated, only a few years after the second world war a sense of humanity.  The naming of the CBG is done in respectful tribute to Pilots like Gail S. Halvorsen, the 72 people who lost their lives in the course of the Berlin airlift and the thousands of ‘nameless’ helpers such as Gisela Raineri.  The CBG is not a race, or even an event but simply a meeting of people with the collective purpose of starting the ride at the same time. Accordingly, we won’t impose a starting fee, offer a prize or compile a results list. The field is limited to 69 participants.

About myself
My name is Gunnar Fehlau and I was born in 1973. I work full-time as the founder and CEO of the pressedienst-fahrrad. Alongside this I run the velonauten, website which originates from the “fahrstil“magazine and Ihave editorial responsibilty for the “Fahrzeit.si” magazine from Sport Import. Together with Eurobike , I started the bike blogger platform “The Wrider’s Club” . In 2009, together with many helpers, I brought to life the e Grenzsteintrophy, a 1,250-long self-supported ride along the former inner-German border. In general, I like a healthy combination of “campfires and lactate”, and blog about this on Overnighter.de.